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We also run a Leather Upholstery bussiness.


About us

Adelina Stefan

In a world driven by innovation and continuous change, the ability to build trust, engage people and create human connection is the key to the business sustainability.

Adelina Stefan is a passionate entrepreneurial spirit, committed to helping people improving their performance, driving creativity, innovation and business results. She is a licensed Intercultural Facilitator and Research Analyst, specialized in the areas of Research, Intercultural Communication and International Human Resource Management. Her purpose is to improve Individual and Diverse Team Performance through Training and Development, using different models of cultures, combined with negation tools and strategies that will ensure the business sustainability.

As a Romanian-Greek citizen - born and raised in Romania, Adelina has studied and worked in Greece as a Travel Consultant, managing successful business relationships with global agents. Using innovative ideas and her 7+ years of experience in Chartering, Adelina guarantees unique sailing holidays in Greece, being responsible for choosing the right boat for her customers’ needs and offering them speed, credibility and true care.


As a recent MBA graduate at Plymouth University (2018), Adelina is currently living in Switzerland pursuing her second MA studies in Sociolinguistics at the University of Bern.

Combining both her academic and professional experience, Adelina helps leaders and business people to identify their talents, articulate their value with empathy, remain authentic, build trust and lead diverse teams. She is a licensed trainer of the Lewis-model including the Culture Active profiling tool and database. Adelina focuses on the cross-cultural awareness, international communication, people development, and international marketing strategy mainly within European countries and some other major cultures.

Adelina also trains individuals to integrate successfully into a new culture, enabling them to achieve sustainable career success and break their own glass ceiling. Adelina’s major areas of focus at the moment are: intercultural coaching, global leadership, career development, expatriation and people development. She uses mainly virtual training and coaching, while in her communication work, she includes face-to-face training.

Adelina has also joined TCO International as a Coaching Practice Coordinator, where she is responsible for the coaching programs management, promotion and resourcing of the coaching and training programs, and development of online coaching tools.

Advanced Auto Seats (ADAS) – Leather Upholstery

A family business run by Adelina Stefan and Adrian Chira. Our mission is delivering innovation, uniqueness, high-quality and customization to our customers, making their life better. We transform the perception of leather from something banal into something profoundly sustainable.


Our Products and Services

With more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, engineering and leather craft, we design and manufacture:

Leather seat covers, door panels and interior trim components for automotive, marine and aviation industries.

Motorcycle saddles and bags.

Furniture, accessories and office furniture.

Handmade stuffs.

We provide design improvements and ideas that upgrade the series life production and final products. We offer training to automative operators and personnel, helping organizations to increase performance.

Motorcycle Saddle

Black Real Leather


Motorcycle Saddle

Black Diamond Pattern Real Leather


Car Upholstery

Custom Designs and Patterns


Motorcycle Bag

Custom hand made bag


Car Upholstery

Custom Designs and Patterns



Custom Designs


Red Hand Bag & Backpack

Custom hand made handbag & Backbag


Car Upholstery

Custom Design


Motorcycle Saddle Design

Custom Designs and Patterns

Why Choose Us

We are commited to our values.

We honor our commitments and sustain the highest integrity standards.

We care alot about our customers.

Our culture is fulfilled when our customers' dreamm is fulfilled and we deliver exceptional customer service.

We provide high quality with fascinating designs.

Our culture is built on continuous innovation and improvement that help us to deal successfully with today's challenges.

We have an experienced team that is wellig to serve you.

Our team is dedicated to collaborating together and offering effective solutions that enhance sustainability.

Customization at ADvanced Auto Seats

We are good in custom made designs to fulfill the customer needs.

Our Skills

We produce top class product

We are committed to sustainability and continuous improvement, creating greater value of all our customers through strategic focus on innovation, design and growth patterns. We combine artisanal art with leather and engineering techniques, based on the Japanese model, Kaizen.

Business Consulting

Coaching, Training and Development

Creativity & Innovation

Leather Art Craft

Quality Control

Customer Satisfaction

Special Designs

Customer Support


Our News


Stay tuned to see more of our outstanding works

News Image
The establishment of ttc
11 august 2017

We are ready to be consulted and provide the necessary training based on our experience.

News Image
Car Seat Leather Customization
11 august 2014

The project was made in collaboration with an automotive company that is specialised n custom made cars.

News Image
New : Sailing Trips in Greece
Summer 2018

Through our partnership with Nautica Charters, we plan your unique sailing trip in Greece:

Click here to visit Nautica Charters Website

News Image
A study regarding hiring foreigners
Summer 2018

Article in Portuguese for Swiss Info: Study highlights biases in hiring foreigners

Click here to see the article

News Image
New book published
Summer 2018

Check my new book entitled: "Global Strategies for Culturally Diverse Workforce: HR Agenda"

Click here for more info and purchase

Check my research report

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